October 31, 2015

On the Road - Nature Trail in Finland

Greetings from England, we are back from our lovely half term holiday in Finland. One of the highlights of our holiday this time was a hike in Suurisuo ("big swamp" wetlands) nature trail in Janakkala where we got to walk on boardwalks at wetlands and in a Finnish forest. I know, we Finns, we are crazy.

As it is end of October you can expect the weather in Finland to be a bit chilly and so it was, -6 C in the morning, a little warmer in the afternoon, but with amazing sunshine. Refreshing! Mind you, it is not really as cold as it sounds, it is just a matter of what you wear - layers, proper winter jacket, gloves and beanie are needed and you'll be just fine.

The autumn light was just magical. I hope you can see a glimpse of that magic in the pictures I took. These pictures haven't been modified at all, everything you see is exactly how it was in real life.

Our trail first led us to wetlands where we walked on duckboards and then through a forest to a bird-watching tower where we enjoyed our yummy packed lunch - Finnish rye bread, coffee and buns. Delicious! And even better when enjoyed outdoors.
Finnish rye bread.

Leading the team. Vaari (granddad) trying to keep up.
Junior was really excited about the walk and not just because he got to lead the whole group. Junior set the pace and ho ho that was a good pace, the grown-ups really had to work to keep up with him. Obviously we didn't go too far, only about 1,5 km in total. Just enough to feel that frost.
Frost made the forest look enchanted.

For us this was a brilliant way to see the family. Instead of sitting on a sofa and drinking coffee indoors we got to enjoy the beautiful wild Finnish nature in good company and get some fresh air, too. Thank you, lovelies, for this wonderful day!

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